Gas Out by Mattel Games

Every Christmas I look for some of the best family games and this year is no exception. My kids are like most others and they love toilet humour so I knew that Gas Out by Mattel Games would be the perfect game for them to try.


The game and contents is very simple. Pass your card but don’t pass the gas. Inside the box you get the Gas Out game which takes 2 AA batteries. The game comes with demo batteries installed and they are easy to change by unscrewing the panel on the back.  One thing that annoyed me straight away is that the box can not be used as a storage box for the game when it is not being played with.


The Gas Out game includes Guster the gas cloud and 56 gas out cards. To set up the game it recommends placing Guster the gas cloud on a table so that the sounds are clear. In fact, they describe it as getting the full sound benefit of the intestinal discomfort. To play you deal 3 cards to each player and place the rest of the cards face down on the draw pile. The youngest player goes first and then play moves clockwise. On your turn, you place one of your cards in the discard pile. You then follow the instruction on the card. The X card means the next player missed a go, the reverse card changes the direction of play. The numbered cards tell you how many times you need to press down on Guster the gas cloud. If Guster farts then you are out. If he doesn’t pick up another card and then it is the next persons turn. The winner is the last person left after everyone else makes Guster fart.


Gas Out is quick and easy to play and something that the whole family will enjoy. It says it is for ages 5 plus but I reckon you can play with younger players as it is very simple. Gas Out can be played with between 2 and 6 players.

Guster the gas cloud produces some absolutely disgusting noises that had my girls rolling around on the floor laughing whilst I tried to keep a straight face. This is not a game for someone who doesn’t find the sound of a fart funny but it is one if you want a good laugh and I would definitely recommend it.