FurReal friends Lulu’s walking kitten


Getting a new pet into our house is definitely a no, no matter how many times the girls ask Santa. A great alternative is animatronic animals. We have quite a few in our house at the moment and it is good to see that they all act differently.

Lulu’s walkin’ kitten is our only animatronic cat, although we did own Lulu a year or so ago. This kitten which is currently being called snowball (but has also been called twinkle, furry and names that I cant repeat by Hubby)
meows, whines, purrs, walks and kneads its paws into you when you are cuddling it.

In fact it is just like my real cats apart from the fact it doesnt poo behind the sofa or steal my dinner when I am not looking. It does lose hair as much as my cat though so be careful that you dont find hair in your dinner.

A great gift for a kitten loving child who is desperate for a pet.