FlatBox – LunchBox

The FlatBox-LunchBox has four zips, one in each corner that are really heavy duty. They can be completely undone which allows the lunchbox to go completely flat.

We love picnics yet I hate eating off a park bench of some other dirty surface but with the FlatBox-LunchBox at least I know the surface is clean. Talking about clean i have thrown away so many lunchboxes over the years after crumbs and dirt got caught in the creases but the FlatBox-LunchBox can go in the washing machine. I had to put this to the test and I was really impressed. We placed it over the bannister to dry and it was as good as new.The surface is also good for wiping down with anti bacterial spray.
This is the FlatBox-LunchBox. Quite good looking isn’t it? Even better when you see all the different colour you can buy at http://www.theniceststuff.com/

So what exactly is a FlatBox-LunchBox ?

Well it is a lunchbox and placemat. Made from Heat resistant neoprene that is machine washable, it is hard wearing and hygienic.

The LunchBox unzips and
folds out to become a placemat which provides a clean eating surface no matter where you are with no need to take your lunch out of your lunch box.

I would definitely recommend this as the perfect lunchbox for school and outings