Flair – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys


Alison loves dressing up and this Teenage mutant ninja turtles Combat Gear set was just perfect for her. The set included a tie on bandana, an authentic noise-making ninja sword and two throwing stars.

To start with the sword was fantastic, it is very well made, well balanced and perfectly sized. Alison absolutely loved it and the sound effects just added to the fun.

I personally loved the bandana. Far too often in the past have I had Alison returning again and again to have a mask reattached. Velcro, poppers and all sorts of other attachments can not compete with the simple task of just tying the bandana on. It works, it never falls off and it is so easy to put on that Alison can do it herself or Elizabeth can help her do it.

The two throwing stars are simple molded plastic disks that are aerodynamic enough that they can be thrown quite far. They don’t have any sharp edges and generally add to authenticity of the outfit. I have now had requests for the other outfits including Michelangelo for Elizabeth.


Action figures always receive a positive reaction in our house and noisy action figures even more so. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Power Sound FX figures are action figures with a difference.

Most action figures with noises require you to press a button the Power FX figures each have two activation points which require you to move the limbs to activate the sounds. 

The longer you hold back the limbs the longer the sound will be, this works well for some of the phrases such as “HIIIIYAAAA!!!!” but not so well for ones like “no mercy” in which the sounds are stretched too long. That is an adults point of view though and the girls both loved it and kept trying to see just how long they can stretch a sound.   

The figures also come with their own weapons set and are very well made with the joints perfectly capable of putting up with the strain of rough play.

Both of these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles items were well received and have been played with so much, it is great to see the children enjoying something that we have loved as children ourselves and these are two items which will be in our house for a long time.