Fireman Sam Playset and Vehicle

We were asked to review a selection of Fireman Sam toys by character online and I knew that Alison would love them.  We received a Mike’s Workshop Playset, a Venue Push along vehicle and a set of two Action Figures.
Mike’s Workshop

The workshop is a front only playset that allows children to play inside with no access problems. With a flap up roof that looks as though it is on fire and an opening garage door it is a fairly simple set yet it comes with bags of imagination. Included in the set is a Mike figure and a welding machine. The playset is well made and is great for any Firemen Sam fan who knows how often Mike seems to set fire to stuff!

Push along vehicle – Venus

A low cost option in the Firemen Sam vehicle range the push along vehicles are well made but have minimal features. Both of the front doors open and the hose on top turns around but apart from that it is just another plastic vehicle. However it is very in keeping with the shows and is at a low price point so all can be forgiven. The vehicle also comes with two plastic cones to increase imaginative play.

Two Action figure character pack

We received Elvis and Fireman Sam with a megaphone, the figures have movable arms and legs. As with most character packs I was slightly irritated by the fact that nearly every pack contains a Firemen Sam. I know he is the main character but as a parent we would like to be able to add to the collection of figures and no firestation needs that many Firemen Sams no matter how good he is! To ease the irritation each Firemen Sam does come with a different accessory but mixing them up a bit would also be a good idea.
All in all the playset, vehicle and figures make for some great imaginative play and Alison (and Elizabeth) have had lots of fun using them together and Mike has had more fires at his workshop in the last week that I care to recall.