Fireman Sam: Ocean Rescue DVD

Great fires of Pontypandy!  Alison’s favourite fire-fighter ‘Fireman Sam’ is back with a new DVD showing how he deals with disasters at sea.  ‘Ocean Rescue’ shows a series of new missions that take place on the water front, where various residents of Pontypandy are saved from their nautical nightmares.

We received this fantastic DVD the other day and Alison immediately asked if we could put it on.  The first episode covers the grand opening of Pontypandy’s new Ocean Rescue Centre, which introduces the new coastguard Ben, who will be working alongside Fireman Same and the Rescue Team.  In traditional absent mindedness, some residents of Pontypandy get into all sorts of bother on the high seas.  There was an episode I saw where handyman Mike decides it would be a good idea to take on choppy waters alone in order to set off some fireworks.  You can obviously guess what happens next!  Another episode involving Pontypandy’s original bad boy ‘Norman Price’ sees him and Mandy row out to sea in search of a rare turtle, however, it’s not long before they are lost.

Fireman Sam: Ocean Rescue is due out for release on the 22nd September 2014, with a recommended retail price of £12.99.  It will be available from most online and high street retailers.  If you wish to find out more, please visit