Find the perfect gift for anyone with Shirtbox

Do you need to buy a gift for someone who is really awkward to buy for? I have a few people like that but thanks to Shirtbox I managed to find the perfect gifts for these awkward people.

Shirtbox sells t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, aprons, mugs and more in a variety of designs including some that can be personalised. I selected some of my favourite designs to test the quality and I was really impressed.



As I looked through the Shirtbox site I could have found gifts for everyone on my gift list (apart from the kids) as there were tops for sports fans, geeks, gamers, walking dead fans, animal lovers and even speed demons.

I love the variety of Evolution of man t-shirts from Tim and Ted and my favourite design has to be the game controller one. I also loved the various slogan tops like the ones above. There were slogans to make you feel good, slogans from films and

My favourite brand selection is by Crazy Creatures. It was there that I found the Narwhal t-shirt pictured above but it was a hard choice between that and quite a few others including Just Chin Chillin, Bearly Awake or Oh the Hue-Manatee.


All of the designs are available in a whole range of colours and designs which means that not only will you find the perfect design but you can also get it in their favourite colour. I ordered the hoodie above for one of my friends who loves dogs and is definitely not a people person.

So if you are struggling for the perfect gift, stop browsing random internet websites and head over to to find the T-shirt or Hoodie which will put a smile on their faces everytime they wear it.