Fathers Day – Sodastream


Just look at that beautiful machine.

It fits perfectly on our side next to the toaster and we love it.

Sent to us to review it as an idea for Fathers Day Hubby could not wait to get it out of the box and I have been fighting with him for a chance to use it myself.

The girls have enjoyed helping too and between them they have been making all of the fizzy drinks in this house for the last few weeks.

Yesterday I managed to use it. I didn’t make one of Sodastreams drinks though. I used it to make my cheap wine taste a lot better. A bit of bubbles and it is like a new drink!

So you see a Sodastream isn’t just for big kids like my Hubby or little kids like my daughters because if you are really clever Mummy can use it too!

We love this sodastream but I still need to find somewhere to buy the syrups from because I cant find them in my local supermarket.

We only have a few flavours left so I better start hunting soon.