Fathers Day – CoPilot Live because Dads won’t ask for directions


Ok so this isn’t really something he can open but personally I think this is awesome.

I hate getting lost and my navigation app on my phoen speaks so quietly that if the kids are talking or there is music on I don’t stand a chance of going the right way.

CoPilot seems to have taken all the things that irritate me so much on the Google maps/navigation app and fixed them. For example navigation seems to get confused about which direction I am going if I happen to stop at traffic lights, it then tries to redirect you and everyone ends up in a bit of a tizz.

Two features I love is that it shows the lanes of a road which allows you to prepare for a turn or a junction far enough in advance and the speed camera warning. I haven’t been done for Speeding yet but when I used this on the way to Warrington the other week it saved me because I didnt see one of the speed cameras. Well worth the money.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows they really have covered everything.

I love this app and know it will save me a lot of hassle over the coming year.

I must point out two things that irritated me

Firstly the A6 is not the a 6. The man could not pronounce A roads properly.

Secondly, I know I am speeding you dont need to beep me and tell me off.

Check out all of the features of the App as I have only just scratched the surface.