Fathers Day – Anti Snore Pillow


I don’t know whether this would class as a proper present fro most dads but for my Hubby there is nothing better than a new pillow.

Having stayed at the in laws I can really see why. I don’t think they have bought new pillows in at least ten years but with me you have to have new ones at least every six months but preferably sooner.

Nothing is quite like the wonderful sensation of a fluffy new pillow and no amount of ruffling will get an old one to be quite the same.

Hubby has been using this pillow for the last two weeks and although I cant attest to his snoring capabilities (I am usually fast asleep by that point) I can agree with him on its comfort. I stole it two nights ago and switched it with mine. He moaned in the morning that his pillow was uncomfortable and I had a fantastic nights sleep.

The anti snore element is to do with the contours n the inside of the pillow and I actually think this is what makes it so comfortable.

Definitely a hit in our house and one happy Daddy.

We were sent the Slumberdown Anti Snore Pillow to review.