Electric Jukebox – A Plug and play music streaming service that even I can set up

Last week I was sent the Electric Jukebox which is a plug and play music streaming device that includes an annual Premium Music Pass. The device has an RRP of £169 and the years membership to the premium music pass would cost £52 after the first year.


What I love about the Electric Jukebox is that I was able to set it up really easily. I usually leave my hubby to set up any electrical device but I opened the box to take a photo and decided to give it a go for myself.


I plugged the Electric Jukebox into the HDMI port, charged the remote for a few minutes and turned it on. Within seconds I was searching for some of my favourite bands and listening to their songs.


When working at home I find it difficult to have the TV on as it distracts me from my to-do list but I love listening to music. To do this in the past I have had to listen from my phone but with the Electric Jukebox, I can find music to suit my mood on the TV and play it through our surround sound speakers. I love the Electric Jukebox remote control which can be used to search via the microphone or by typing the name of the song, artist or album. In fact, this weekend the girls decided they wanted some Christmas music so I searched the word Christmas and we had so many albums to choose from.

I love the diversity of the music available and seeing the different playlists that have been set up by some of the celebrities who support Electric Jukebox helps to expand my music taste and introduces me to new artists.

I had never considered purchasing a music streaming device before but now that I have got one, I absolutely love it and this it would make a great gift for anyone who loves listening to music at home.