Eco Art Canvas

We have seen and reviewed a lot of different type of canvas pictures over the last few years and they all come with different types of frames. The latest canvas we have to review is the cheapest we have seen as a starting price. This means before any special offers or discount codes. The Eco Art Canvas is a cost-effective alternative to the standard canvas prints. Coming in at £26.99 for a 60cm x 40cm canvas it is affordable for most budgets and makes a great gift.

Eco Art has many similarities to the well-known, fashionable and expensive Canvas pictures however Eco Art is 100% recyclable & environmentally friendly due to its smart and efficient design and produced from sustainable materials.

The picture I used did turn out a bit dark with this being the finished product

I didn’t actually use the site to create my design as I sent the photo straight to them, the site seems to only accept photos up to a maximum of 25MB which is more than likely where the problem came from. The canvas is grainy in comparison to the original photo below.
When playing around on the website to see if there was ways to change this I did notice that you cant even view your finished product before ordering which does cause some issues as you cant select borders, how the image is folded onto the canvas or see the quality of the image.

If use a simple image the above issues more than likely wouldnt be a problem and if money or the environment are the reasons for ordering from the packing site then you are definitely in the right place. I really like the way the frame is built and as it is so light weight we could hang this on our plaster board walls with no issues at all.

All in all a great low cost, environmentally friendly alternative to a canvas but choose your photo carefully