Easter treats – Sylvanian family Chocolate Rabbit family

If your children are anything like mine the joy that the addition of new Sylvanian families characters brings far outweighs their desire to eat chocolate. The girls have absolutely fallen in love with the Chocolate rabbit family already and we have only had them a few days.

Sylvanian families are a quality toy that brings hours of imaginative play to the girls and just listening to them as they went and introduced the Chocolate Rabbit family to our other Sylvanian families was fantastic to hear.

The Chocolate Rabbit Family is made up of Mum, Dad, Son and Daughter. They each have chocolate brown tipped ears and come in fantastic detailed clothing and a lovely little story book about the family.

This set is a great addition to a current collection or the perfect starting point if you wanted to introduce your children to the love of Sylvanian families and the hours of play that they provide.