Easter Treats – Patchwork Chocolate Terrine with Baileys Irish Cream

Sometimes as a grown up you want to feel sophisticated and yet you still want to eat like a child. Well forget Nutella or Chocolate spread on toast because The Patchwork Traditional Food company have brought out a fabulous range of Chocolate Terrine with subtle tastes of alcohol. Yes that’s right the kids can’t have any and that means there is all the more for me.

This beautiful Chocolate Terrine is not just for toast though, oh no this can be used in baking too. In fact it can be used in anyway you want and oh do I want it. I have actually hidden this at the back of the fridge so hubby doesn’t find it either and every now and then I sneak into the fridge with a teaspoon and eat some straight out of the packet! Its naughty but it is so good that I just can’t help myself.

I was sent the Chocolate Terrine with Baileys Irish Cream but it was a hard choice as they also had Amaretto, Cointreau and Tia Maria. Now I might just have to buy the rest so I can try them too.