Easter Treats – Hotel Chocolat Dark chocolate scrambled egg

March 24, 2015 Off By Laura TMOT
My all time favourite chocolate is dark chocolate from Hotel Chocolat so this egg was basically made just for me.

I have always enjoyed Hotel Chocolat but due to its price it is a special occasion type of chocolate. It is always top of the list when it comes to birthdays (only a few weeks away if you were planning on getting me a present btw) and Christmas time. I used to enjoy the tasting boxes as well but I found my love of chocolate was causing my clothes to shrink so I had to cancel it which made me sad.

Anyway Easter eggs don’t come much better than this, the thick dark chocolate is a fairly consistent thickness all the way around and it was absolutely delicious. I always say that Hotel Chocolat is not for sharing but Alison managed to steal a bit when I wasn’t looking and asked if she could have on like that for Easter instead of a character one.

The Dark Chocolate Scrambled Egg came with 6 praline chocolates for a small chocolate fix. Priced at £15 the egg is on the expensive side but to me quality is definitely worth paying for.