Drumond Park – Shout!

We love a great family game at Christmas and I have now found our favourite for Christmas 2014.  SHOUT! (rrp £29.99), is a super-exciting family game that is sure to provide plenty of fun for teams of family and friends competing against each other.  There are 167 double-sided cards in the box, each one featuring a set of nine Challenges on both sides (themed images, words, figures etc.).

The game’s centrepiece is a unique 60-second timer stand which displays the Challenge Cards to the ‘Answerers’ – and enables the ‘Askers’ to see the answers to each challenge. The game is full of fun questions and tricky puzzles where you have to look, link and think – making  connections between what you see on the Challenge card and what the answer might be.

The game is fast and everyone joins in the fun with a variety of challenges to sit all ages. It is recommended from 12 years plus but I think that some of the younger kids will be pretty good at a few of the cards.

I have really enjoyed challenging myself to see how many of the answers I can get on each card and I reckon I am ready for the games to commence this Christmas day!

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