Dreamworks Trolls Hug Time Poppy

Both of my girls have been huge fans of the Dreamworks Trolls movie since they first saw the adverts so when I asked if they wanted to review the Hasbro Trolls Hug Time Poppy doll they squealed with joy and started singing “Can’t stop the feeling”. I have to say the Trolls movie had a great soundtrack and even I have found myself singing along a few times!

Hug Time Poppy comes with batteries already included which means it was literally a case of getting her out of the box and switching her from Demo to On before they could start playing.

Hug Time Poppy comes with a Hug Time bracelet for the child to wear as well as a princess tiara and a comb for Poppy.

She has lights in her hair that flash in different colours depending on which phrase or song she is singing.

Her dress is easy to remove and allows you to see the speaker and button on her stomach which you can press to hear more phrases and songs.

When reading the instructions there were a few different ways that you can interact with Hug time Poppy. You could press the button on the bracelet and it syncs up to the lights on Poppy’s bracelet and her hair as she sings. Yo can press her tummy button to hear phrases and songs and you can rock her from side to side so she dances with the music. When I first tried rocking her from side to side it didn’t work and I thought it was broken. This is because I was rocking the whole of Poppy. If you look at the picture above you can see a join below Poppy’s arms. This is the pivot point that you need to rock her. With this in mind if you stand her on a flat surface and hold both of her hands and gently rock the top half of her body from side to side it works perfectly.

Both Elizabeth and Alison loved playing with Hug time Poppy and they loved singing along to the music. I have to say I even found myself singing along a few times!

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  1. I love the soundtrack song, often find myself singing it! My girls loved the movie, it was Holly’s first trip to the cinema and she was mesmerised by it. Poppy was definitely their favourite and they would love this. It’s bigger than I thought it was going to be, seeing it up against your daughter. Which is good. x

  2. We loved this film at the cinema, so much fun and the songs just make you want to join in too

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