Dream Tents – Pop Up bed tents

My girls were first introduced to Dream Tents at the BlogOn conference in May and they have been bugging me for one ever since. Dream tents are fabrics that go over your bed and turn the bed into a tent. Inside the handy bag, you have the folded up Dream tent and a 2 in 1 light that includes a torch and a night light in three colours. You also get two u shaped grips that g under the mattress to hold the Dream tent in place. You don’t need instructions as the Dream Tent pops up by itself and then you use the plastic us shapes to attach it to the bed.

It is really easy to put the Dream Tents onto the beds. Place the U shaped grips under the mattress with the hook ends pointing up. You then attach the Dream Tent by clipping the edge to the hooks of the grips.

The Dream tents have curtains which can be tied back or can be closed. Inside the tent, there is also a pocket which is big enough to store a book.

The light that is included is not very bright as a torch but it is bright enough to be able to read. The night light is brighter. It can be used in blue, amber or green.

Dream Tents can transform a bed into a magical space. They are available in a variety of designs including space, winter wonderland and unicorn fantasy. They help make bedtime more fun which helps to remove the stress of bedtime. It is also a great way of introducing a little privacy to kids at an age when they really want their own space. We definitely recommend them and I am sure that we will use them for years to come.

Of course, if you want your pop-up bed tent to be more unique, consider adding a little decoration to it, such as decorating your tent with custom patches. With these unique and beautifully featured patches, you can make your bed more beautiful and pleasing to the eye, and also make your children more pleasant to sleep. If you want to customize some unique and beautiful patches for this purpose, you can choose to design your own and then work with some well-known patch manufacturers to get your own custom patches.