Doc McStuffins Time for Your Check Up Interactive Doc and Lambie


The last few weeks we have been playing with a fantastic toy for any child who is mad for all things Doc McStuffins.

As you may know Doc McStuffins is about a little girl who aspires to be a doctor like her mother.  When she puts on her stethoscope, all her toys magically come to life and she helps treat those toys that are broken.  She also heals her patients through the medium of song, which my girls can’t help but sing along to.

In the box you receive Doc McStuffins wearing a stephoscope and Lambie, a hair comb and a doctors bag with Otoscope and Thermometer. Lambie has three pressure points that give a reaction, her chest, mouth and her left ear. She speaks six phrases but some of them do not relate to the action involved. I am not sure why taking her temperature gets her to say she wants a tea party or by looking in her ears gets her to say beautiful but Elizabeth likes it. Doc has one pressure point on belly and speaks 10 phrases including singing the theme tune. My only bug bear was that the voice for Doc McStuffins was not quite the same one used for the TV program, but the kids didn’t notice so their enjoyment wasn’t affected.

The mini doctors bag is the perfect size to store the otoscope and thermometer and the bag is easy for the kids to open and close. The bag does leave glitter everywhere as does Doc McStuffins head band and shoes. You can remove Doc McStuffins coat, stephoscope and head band. Little girls will love the hair play opportunities with Doc McStuffins using the hair comb.

Doc McStuffins time for your check up interactive Doc and Lambie is a fantastic toy with lots of opportunities to play and interact and use your imagination. The girls both love it and the attention to detail and build quality is fantastic. This toy is highly recommended for any Doc McStuffins fan.