Dobble by Esdevium Games


A fantastic card game by Esdevium Games which is brilliant for old and young alike.

The aim of the game is to name the one item that is the same on the cards in play. There will only ever be one that is the same and you have to name it the quickest. There are lots of different ways to play which are all described in the booklet provided.

The girls had great fun playing this and I can imagine that this is a game that my mum would enjoy too. As it comes in a handy tin it is perfect for putting in you r handbag for journeys on the train or for taking on holidays.

A great alternative to a standard packet of cards and also great for working on memory skills.

We have played this in the waiting room whilst in the hospital, on the train down to London for an event and even just sat at home. This is one game we can all play as a family no matter how old we are as we bend the rules and take it in turns allowing the younger members to have a chance to find the matching items.

We love this game for its addictiveness and multiple ways to play and highly recommend it to families of all ages.

Dobble came secodn in teh games catagpry in the UKMumsTV Mums Choice awards that I helped judge at Xmas in July earlier this month.