Dixit – the creative storytelling game

If you and your family love using your imaginations then Dixit could be the perfect game for you. The box contains a scoring game board, 6 wooden rabbit player tokens, 36 voting tokens and 84 beautiful picture cards.
The scoring sounds a little complex to begin with but after a few games it becomes really straight forward and the first person to 30 is the winner or if the cards run out then the player is the one furthest around the board.
The 84 picture cards feature a variety of beautifully drawn images. To play the game each player is dealt 6 cards, the storyteller (the person whos go it is) chooses one of their cards without the others seeing and makes up a sentence about the card. The other players then select one of their cards that could match that sentence and hand them to the storyteller. The Storyteller shuffles all of the cards and lays them out. Each player votes for the card that they think belonged to the storyteller using their voting tokens. If all the players or none of the players choose the storytellers card then the storyteller doesnt get any points and everyone else scores 2 points. In any other case the storyteller scores 3 points and so do the players who chose his image. Each player, excet the storyteller, scores one point for each vote that was placed on their image. The players move their rabbits to coincide with their score.

The voting tokens come in six different colours, one for each player and are made out of cardboard.

The game is suitable for children aged 8 plus and needs a minimum of three players. It can be played with between 3 and 6 players and the more players you have the better the game play is as it becomes harder to find the storytellers card.