Disney Pictopia – The Ultimate Picture-Trivia family game

We love all things Disney so when I saw Disney Pictopia at the Toy Fair in January I knew we had to get it and play together as a family. Aged 7 plus it does have a few complex rules but the girls seemed to pick these up pretty quickly.
With fabulous Mickey Mouse shaped answer dials and player pieces, as well as bright colourful wager coins the game looks fantastic and the girls were both desperate to get started. There are 200 cards each with 5 different questions that correspond to the symbols on the board.

The game play involves group and individual questions and is a fast moving game which can see more than one winner making it perfect for a family. The questions are Pick 1, Pick 2, Pick 3, Solo Pick 1 and Spotlight.

Pick 1, Pick 2 and Pick 3 questions are all group questions where the players have to work together to come up with the answers. Solo pick 1 is an individual question where the players use their answer dials to select their answer. Spotlight is a bit more fun, the question host selects their answer and the others need to decide which answer they would have chosen.

The game ends by landing on the Castle and answering a question correctly.

To add to the game you can also download a free Pictopia app that includes Bonus content and a lightning round final challenge.