Disney Moana Night In with Jakks Pacific

We love Disney films but somehow we managed to miss watching Moana in the cinema and everyone we spoke to was shocked that we had not watched it. It seemed that Moana had a bigger impact than I had expected so when we were invited to have a Moana Night In with some Jakks Pacific toys and a copy of the DVD I couldn’t resist.

We were sent a lovely little bundle for our Moana Night In which includes a Moana doll and a necklace which contained the heart of Ta Fiti from Jakks Pacific and a copy of Moana on Disney DVD.

Moana tells the wonderful tale of a daughter of the chief who sets out to find Maui, the shape shifting demi god and return the heart of Te Fiti and save the world from the darkness. Moana sets sail with her chicken HeiHei who add some great comedy elements to the film and finds that Maui is not as evil as the old tales portrayed. Maui is a misunderstood Demi God who wanted the humans to love him and he planned to take the heart of Te Fiti and give it to the humans as a gift. However this theft cursed the world and only the return of the heart will release the curse. Moana and Maui work together through many dangers to return the heart and save the day.

Moana has quickly become Elizabeth’s new favourite film and the toys that we were sent have really helped to enhance that love. The necklace containing the heart of Te Fiti was a real hit. There is a button on the back that you can press to light up the heart but it also lights up if you open or close the necklace. The spiral design looks fantastic with the pulsing light and the necklace clasp is nice and easy to you. The necklace strap is made out of plastic and has lots of details such as rope effects and pearls molded into it.

The Disney Princess Singing Moana and friends doll set from Jakks Pacific has 12 movie phrases including the song “How Far I’ll Go”. The set also comes with a rubber Pua and solid plastic Heihei which allows the girls to really get imaginative and act out some of the scenes from the movie.

The Moana doll speaks and sings when you press her necklace. The phrases are all recognisable from the movie. I love the outfit that Moana is wearing and they have really paid attention when recreating her outfit including her grass skirt. Moana has a huge amount of hair that the girls love to play with so if your kids love hair play as much as mine then Moana is the perfect doll for them to play with. The little Pua figure is a soft squeezable plastic almost like a bath toy and HeiHei (my favourite character) is a solid plastic figure.

We had an amazing Moana Night In and I can already see that we will be watching Moana together for many months to come.