National Unplugged Day with Disney Eye Found It

This coming Sunday (25th June) is national unplugged day. A day where we escape from technology and go Gadget free for the day. We have already made plans for a great day out away from the temptations of TV and our laptops but the evening could be a bit trickier. Thankfully Ravensburger have come to the rescue and sent me Disney Eye Found It!

The Disney Eye Found It! game is played as a team which means there will be no falling out about who wins and who loses (a regular occurrence in my house). The game includes 6 player pieces, a spinner, 12 plastic search rings, a hourglass timer and 30 double sided search cards.

The 1.8 metre long Disney Eye Found It! game board comes in three parts that feature areas from a selection of Disney characters such as the hundred acre woods, Radiator springs and Monstropolis.

The aim of Disney Eye Found It! is to get all of the players to the clock tower before the clock strikes midnight. To play the game you take it in turns to spin the spinner. If you land on a number then  you move that many spaces. If you land on the clock you change the time by that many hours and then spin again to continue your turn. If you land on a Mickey then you take a card and turn the hourglass timer over. All players then work together to find the item on the card on the board. Once you find an item you put one of the red search rings on the item and keep looking. When the timer has run out you add up how many items you found as a team and every player moves forward that many spaces.

Finding the items takes a lot of concentration as the items can be small and very well hidden with them not always  in a logical place but it was also lots of fun and the more we looked the more we saw other items that we needed on our previous turns. I can imagine if you play this a lot and you have a good memory then you will soon be able to find the items quickly however with 60 items to find they should keep you going for quite a while.

Disney Eye Found It! was great fun for the whole family and our only issue was that the spinner kept falling apart which could just be the one we got and it didn’t impact on play too much.