DICEcapades! Pizza Party

DICEcapades Pizza Party is a fantastic little game for youngsters that doesn’t require many rules to learn and is small enough to take away with you on holiday.

In the pizza slice shaped box you will find:

40 cards
10 dice
Instructions on ‘how to play’

The rules of the game require you to roll your five dice and match any toppings.  If you have any left over keep going until all the toppings are matched up, then shout “Mama Mia!”.  Place your slice to the side and keep making new slices until a player makes a whole pizza, they are then declared the winner.

The dice
features the toppings of sausage, bacon, mushroom, pepperoni, anchovies and prawns, which are some of my favourite toppings.  The slices are all different and have between one and five toppings.

I wish the packet had the ability to be played by more than two players but you could just buy multiple packs to enable this or take it in turns to play resulting in a final winner.

This is a new found favourite and the girls don’t even realise that the matching skills are almost educational, ssshhh!