Despicable Me Minions Mineez and more

We are huge Minion fans in this house and we are counting down the days before the new Despicable Me 3 movie that will be in cinemas in June.To celebrate the upcoming film we were sent a selection of Despicable Me products including some of the collectable Mineez.

The Mineez Minion Collectors tin comes with teo exclusive figures. One that is exclusive to the time which is the robot Clive and one surprise character. The tin is a really good size and can be stood up which looks fantastic.

The Despicable Me Minion Mineez blind packs are plastic balls that contain one of over 75 available characters. Our Mineez blind bag had a lovely baby Minion inside which is super cute. The Mineez are quite small at less than an inch for the standard figures although the robot was a bit bigger.

To compliment the Mineez collection you can also collect these awesome mystery hangers. There are 12 to collect in series 1 and they feature some brilliant character designs.

The item that the girls love the most is the Drop and Pop Minion. You turn their trousers upside down and then drop them on the floor to see them jump high in the air. It is really fun but it they couldnt turn the trousers by themselves which was a bit annoying but I assume due to the material that this will become easier the more they plan with it.

The Despicable Me Mineez are another pocket money collectible for the kids to pester me for in the supermarket and the rest of the range are pretty cool too.  Check them out at