Celebrate the release of Despicable Me 3 with Bladez RC Minions and Fluffy!

We love Minions and we love Bladez inflatable Remote controlled characters so when I heard that they were bringing out some new ones to celebrate the release of Despicable Me 3 I knew that I had to get my hands on them.

Now when we have had the Bladez RC Inflatable characters in the past we have always had an issue when it comes to storing them as they are quite large when inflated. Thankfully these Despicable Me 3 characters are Jumbo sized which means that they are around 35cm tall. The perfect height for something like this as it means we don’t have to deflate them to store them in the kids bedrooms.

Mel features quite a bit in the Despicable Me 3 film so it is great to see his character coming through as an RC Inflatable. At 35 cm tall and with a really easy to use controller these characters are suitable from ages 3+. The controller takes 2 AA batteries and the Inflatable takes 4 AA batteries which are not provided so do bear this in mind when you purchase them.

I love Tom’s prison outfit which really helps to tie into the film and the fact that both Tom and Mel have noises that are randomly activated as you play with them is brilliant. They both come out with some great phrases from the Despicable Me 3 film and ones that the Minions are known for using as well.

Fluffy doesn’t make any noise but then again Fluffy is a cuddly toy so you wouldn’t expect her to make any noise. I was really surprised by how little Fluffy featured in the movie but that doesn’t take anything away from the play ability of this character. Both of my girls loved playing with Fluffy whilst I was more of a Tom fan myself. I don’t want to give too much away about the film but my only wish was that I could have a Lucky R/C Inflatable to play with too!

If you want to check out these Bladez RC Inflatable Despicable Me 3 characters then why not head down to your local Entertainer Toy Shop on 8th July for their Super Saturdays event. You can also order these online at TheToyShop.com