Davina 7 Minute Fit DVD

I have to admit that I have never before owned a fitness dvd but with my current determination to get fit this year including my mad 6 hour dancing session as part of Team Honk in less than 5 weeks I decided that I needed a little something for those days where I cant get to the gym.

Thankfully for me I have been sent the Davina 7 minute fit dvd. Now as with most of these things it will obviously take you more than 7 minutes from turning the dvd on to turning it off after all you must do the warm up but the exercise sessions are broken down into 7 minutes slots so you can choose to do one if you are rushed for time or you could do more and combine them together.

If you have never been to an exercise class and you don’t know what a burpee or a squat is you really should watch the tutorials which will tell you exactly how to do an exercise to get the most out of it and prevent injury.

I have only completed a few of the exercises sessions so far but I have found that the 7 minute time frame is perfect for raising my heartbeat and getting active and I have spent a few days with it on in the background and I have jumped up and completed a session in between writing emails or a blog post.

As well the 10 new workouts you also get the chance to join GetFitWithDavina.com for five weeks absolutely free. The site hasn’t launched yet but hopefully it won’t be too long as I can’t wait to have a look.

If you are looking for an exercise dvd that will challenge you but which you can take at your own pace then this is a great choice. I am really enjoying working out with Davina and Ed and I look forward to one day looking as hot as Davina does (OK so that might be me dreaming but you never know!).