Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station

Alison is really creative so I knew that she would love the Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station. Suitable for ages 6 plus the cut and create station allows you to create jewellery, figures and nail art.

The set includes 24 Cutie Stix in 3 different sizes. Although it looks complicated when it comes out of the box it is actually ready to use.

The stand is perfect to display your Cutie Stix (you can buy extra refills in different designs). It also has a draw to store all of your off cuts.

To cut the Cutie Stix you need to push them down the tube. There are two cutting frames which keep the stix straight and make it easier to cut them. You then use the stix wand to push them down towards the blade.

You push down on the top of the cutting unit and the cut piece will come out of the end.

There are three different sizes of Cutie Stix. The teeny stix are for nail art and the Cutie stix and Mighty Stix are suitable for bracelets, necklaces and figures.

If you want to use the cut pieces to make bracelets or necklaces then you need to put a hole through them using the coring unit. There are two coring containers, one for cutie stix and one for mighty stix. You can place the coring containers in the coring units both vertically and horizontally.

Depending on which way you place the coring container you will either end up with a hole through the edge of the piece or through the middle.

The cut & create station includes two thread spools and a great threader unit which makes creating bracelets and necklaces really easy to thread.

It also comes with 8 jewellery clasps which allow you to create jewellery that is practical to take on and off.

Alison absolutely loved getting creative with the Cut & Create station and the fact that you can buy additional refills means that the creation never needs to end and with lots of different styles including animals and emojis, she will not get bored.