Creations by Charlotte Party Bags

Every time it is one of my childrens birthdays I panic (a lot) about party bags. I always want to make them as cheap as possible but actually by the time I have bought all the little bits and made sure I have boys and girls and young and old and ….. well you get the point. It cost so much.

I thought about buying them before but I never found a site that was very transparent about what was inside the bags and that annoyed me a lot, I want to choose what they have, I dont just want to buy a bag for a girl and not know whats inside.

When Creations by Charlotte got in touch about doing a party bag review I jumped at the chance, I also was a bit strange and asked for a boys one (yes I know I have two girls). Elizabeth loves boys toys, below is some pictures that I managed to get before she stole all the contents away (and ate all the sweets).

The whoppie cushion has been a firm favourite with both of my girls as has little water gun. I have to say I managed to steal the white chocolate fish and it was very yummy but she wouldnt share any more than that.

My bag was called a Bobby and it contained
Whoopie cushion
pencil with rubber topper
water gun
friction key powered car
bouncy ball
plastic boat
Paper bag of sweets

This bag is available for £2.70 with an extra 30p for the sweets. It looked lovely and was very well packaged.

At least next year I wont have to stress about one thing because I will be placing my order with Charlotte and if anyone I know has a baby I know where I will be coming for newborn gifts too.

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