Crayola Games Doodle Delirium

We love playing new family games so we were excited to receive Crayola Games Doodle Delirium to put to the test. Doodle Delirium is for 4 to 8 players and recommended for ages 8 plus. The game is played in teams with a minimum of two teams and a maximum of 4 teams. With this in mind, I actually think you could have more than 8 players as you could just increase the number on each team.


Inside the box, you get the game board, a block of clay, a washable mini marker, a timer cap, a dice with coloured spots, a doodle pad, a paper mash-ups pad, 4 pip-squeak playing characters and 14 challenge cards as well as the instruction leaflet.


To play Doodle Delirium you need to set out the 140 challenge cards in their four piles on the game board and split into teams. Place your pip-squeak character piece on the star starting space. The team with the youngest player goes first and you then take it in turns moving clockwise. To take your turn you roll the dice and pick up the challenge card that matches the colour on the dice. You set the timer and follow the challenge on the card you picked. The timer cap can either be placed on the end of the pen if it’s a drawing challenge or placed on the table. If your team guesses the correct answer you need to move to the next space of the corresponding colour. If they don’t guess or the time runs out then you stay still until your next go. If you land on one of the special spaces then you follow those instructions. The play button space means the other team get to guess as well and if they guess first they get to move instead of you. The timer x 2 means you get double the amount of time to guess. The cross with the arrow means that if you guess wrong you have to move back one space.


The four different colour cards feature a variety of challenges. Luckily you get to choose which word you create which is good.


No Pen – Use one paper sheet to rip, scrunch or fold your design

Paper ‘n’ Pen – As above but you can add detail with the pen.


Just doodle – draw it

No Peeking – Draw it with your eyes closed

Opposite hand – Use your non-dominant hand to draw it

Take Over – you control your team mates hand to draw it


Just Model – model the clay

One Hand – model with one hand behind your back

Letters – model the letters to spell the word


Say What? – draw the expression

Pop Round – Draw the movie, song or famous person

The winner is the first team to get to the end of the game and complete the double delirium which is when you have to complete two challenges in the required time.

Doodle Delirium is guaranteed to produce a lot of laughs and get the whole family involved and is one we are really looking forward to playing this festive season.