Crate Creatures Surprise – Cute? Gross? Lots of Fun!

When Alison first saw the Crate Creatures Surprise advert she asked if she could have one straight away so when we were offered the chance I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Crate Creatures Surprise comes in four different characters and we didn’t know which one we would receive by Alison didn’t mind as they all looked brilliant. You can get Crate Creatures Surprise as Snort Hog, Pudge, Blizz or Sizzle.

We received Sizzle who is a young dragon.

The Crate Creatures Surprise comes in a plastic crate with a chain and lock holding it together. On the side of the crate is a crowbar which has to be removed so you can open the lock.

The crowbar then opens the lock on the top of the box and then the front of the crate which pops open the lid.

Each of the Crate Creatures Surprise characters has over 45 different sounds and effects. You pull their tongues to make them vibrate, have light up eyes and make different noises. There is a motion sensor inside which means they react when they are laid down, held upside down or knocked over. You can feed them their favourite food and listen to them eat (and burp). Each of the creatures comes with their own favourite food, Sizzle has a marshmallow.

The thing that Alison loves most is that you can press his stomach and record your own phrase. You can then make him repeat the phrase in a variety of ways including backwards! Press his stomach once and hold him upset down to hear the phrase backwards. If you press his stomach ones and shake him then he develops a stammer and if you do both he has a stammer whilst saying the phrase backwards. It is very cool and the voice recording changes the sound of your voice to make it sound more like a monster.

Sizzle also has wings on his back which flap when you press his tail,  Blizz flaps his arms when you wiggle his tail, Snort Hog sneezes boogies when you press the back of his head and Pudges eyes go crazy when you press his horns.

Our Crate Creature Surprise has a volume/on/off switch inside the velcro on the back of his head which means he is easy to control and he doesn’t waste batteries.

All in all the Crate Creatures Surprise has been a real hit, he is lots of fun to play with and Alison loves the fact that you get to keep and reuse the crate whilst I love the fact I am not throwing away a load of packaging.

Crate Creatures Surprise are suitable for ages 4 plus and take 3 AA batteries which are included.