Coloured Yatzy

Can you believe that I have never played Yatzy? Well this is a new version aimed at children aged 6 plus using Prisms with coloured balls at the points. Using the included scoring sheets and a pencil (not included? why not?) you use one column per game and try to get the biggest score. You can roll the prisms up to three times, removing the ones you wish to keep each time. At the end of the three goes you add your score onto the sheet. If you cant put points in a category because it is already filled then you must place a zero in a category of your choice.

When all players have all of the categories complete you play a “Call-it” round where the player has to guest which colour will be facing up on the majority of prisms after one roll. If they guess correctly they get to add those points to their sheet too.

The winner is the one with the most points at the end of the game.

The girls had lots of fun with this although the rules were a bit complicated for them to begin with. After a few rounds and a bit of parental help they soon got the hang of it though.