Club Petz: Mr Slooou the interactive sloth

Club Petz by IMC Toys is a range of interactive plush animals. They all act and react in different ways, and we were sent a new Club Petz character – Mr Slooou the Sloth – to review.

Mr Slooou is a cute, furry, interactive sloth.

He repeats what you say – but reaaaaaalllly slooooooowly.

Mr Slooou the sloth requires 3xAA batteries to operate but these come ready inserted. He comes boxed, ready to play within ‘try me’ mode.

There are some paper ties holding him inside the box; you’ll need a pair of scissors to snip these to remove him from the packaging. The instructions are hidden inside the box and again you will need a pair of scissors to get to these.

Once out of the packaging, you’ll notice that there is velcro hiding the battery compartment on Mr Slooou’s back. Open this up and move the switch at the bottom from ‘try me’ on the left past ‘off’ in the middle to ‘on’ on the right. This activates all the features of Mr Slooou the interactive sloth.

Mr Slooou has soft limbs and a padded body.

His body is completely covered in soft, strokable fur, except for his face and claws which are made of hard plastic. You can use his claws to hang him from anywhere, just like a real sloth.

He has a hard face, his eyes are fixed in a half-closed sleepy position and only his mouth moves while he speaks.

There is only one button on Mr Slooou the sloth, this is situated on his tummy. Press the button and he will make sounds including burps, grunts and laughs.

If you keep the button depressed and speak, Mr Slooou records up to five seconds of sound which he will then repeat back to you, very slooooowly.

If you press the button again, it will overwrite whatever was said previously.

Left on his own, Mr Slooou will make sounds to try and get your attention including saying whatever you last said to him back to you. After about a minute, he will go into sleep mode. You will then have to press the front button again to reactivate him.

Compared to other toys in the Club Petz range, there is a limited amount you can do with Mr Slooou the interactive sloth, which is recommended for children aged 18 months and over.

Smaller children for example toddlers and preschoolers will probably find him funny for longer periods of time; older children would I imagine get bored more easily unless they are particularly big sloth fans.

He has an RRP of £29.99, which seems like quite a high price point for the amount that this toy can do, but he currently available cheaper online, around the £20 mark which seems more reasonable.