Christmas chocolates


I love a Goody bag and no goody bag is as good as one filled with chocolate unless it is filled with Hotel Chocolat.

Now is the time of year that I start to regret allowing my Hubby to be a stay at home dad, when the parcels arrive for Christmas containing interesting things for me. Special treats and things I don’t want to share. Things like this Christmas goody bag.

Alas it was not to be and he saw the box and his eyes lit up. Being a dutiful wife I agreed to share. Not equally mind you. I wanted to eat it mostly to myself.

6 Christmas Mess Chocolates and 6 Treacle Tart Chocolates were easily split with three of each there was no disagreement but I wanted them all and as each one passed my lips I glared at Hubby a little bit more. Hotel Chocolat should not be shared, it is my precious and I love it and it is not for men.

The 50% Cookie & Caramel Wreath was the real start to the problems. The chocolate, the caramel, the cookie pieces, the gorgeous taste, the delicious crunch. I savoured my half taking a picture, admiring it before devouring the lot. I looked up, hoping that Hubby may have taken pity on me and saved me his half. Hoping that he loved me enough to sacrifice the most awesome wreath I have ever seen.

My hopes were dashed and when we moved onto the
trio of milk chocolate Santas I knew that things were going from bad to worse. Three little santas all smooth and creamy surely my Hubby will leave me with two? Surely he will see that as the female and the intended recipiant I had been more than generous to have shared so much with him already?

I was wrong! As I enjoyed my first taste of Santa heaven he snaffled the final two!

He ate more of my hotel chocolat than I did!

Some things in life are not forgiveable, some things will strain a marriage, some things can push someone too far. Some things will force a wife to eat all of the chocolates in your advent calendar!