Chatham Murphy boots

I love new shoes and no time of year requires new shoes as much as Autumn. The leaves are turning brown and the puddles are getting bigger which means that my trainers will just not cut it for the school run anymore. Thanks to Chatham I now have a lovely new pair of boots to wear on the school run. I chose these boots as I struggle with getting long boots to do up around my calves but with the buckle at the top I am able to expand the width and they fit snuggly.

The  Murphy Boots I chose are comfortable and practical. They can be worn casually as well as dressed up and because they have a flat sole they are perfect for everyday wear. They are really well made and feel as though they will last me a good few years which is great when you are buying winter boots as you don’t want to spend a lot to only wear them for a few months.

I have really enjoyed splashing in puddles with the girls knowing that my feet will stay and lovely and dry and to me you couldn’t really get any better than that!