Cass Art Make your own Lipbalm set


We have been on the look out for some craft sets that allow the girls to make Christmas presents for each other and other family members. I was invited to Cass Art to select something from their site up to the value of £15 and I couldnt resist this Make your own Lip Balm set when I saw it.

The kit contains five different coloured pots and three flavours Cherry, mixed berry and citrus. With a plain lip balm that you melt in a small jug using warm water before adding the colours/flavours it is simple enough for the girls to do with only a little supervision. I helped them melt and mix the the lipbalms using the flavour combinations that they chose.

They each chose their favourite colour pots and decorated them using the stickers provided. The stickers were easy for them to peel and they didnt require any help at this stage. When mixing the lipbalms they experimented with different combinations and each lipbalm they made had a different flavour.

The set was well thought out and had everything we needed to make five lipbalm pots with some more plain lipbalm and flavourings left over that we can refill some of the pots another time.

A great homemade gift that the girls have taken pride in making and they have already decided who to give each one too, whilst keeping one each obviously.