Cake Angels Baking products


As part of being the perfect mum and domestic goddess this weekend I had decided that I should do some baking with the girls. The problem is that I am not a very good baker and the girls have no patience (we also do not own any scales).

Luckily for us I had some products from cake angels sat in the cupboard waiting for me to try out. With it coming up to Christmas they sent us a box of cupcake mix and a variety of different cake decorating sprinkles.


The sprinkle tubs are exactly the sort of thing I would usually buy and we tend to use them on cup cakes, ice creams and biscuits all year round. Elizabeth was happy as there was a pink tub so she soon took command of that.

I was slightly disappointed with the iced characters as all of my polar bears had been decapitated. Thankfully the penguins, christmas trees and presents were all still in one piece so we used them instead. I wasn’t so sure decapitated polar bear would make a great cake topper.

We followed the recipe carefully and even added just two teaspoons of mix to the case cases which I personally thought was far too little but ended up being just right. Once they had cooled the girls started decorating them. We did find that tipping the decorations from the tubs to the cakes was a bit much so we tipped some onto the work surface and used our fingers to decorate them which made them look much better.

All in all the girls loved making the cakes, I loved the lack of effort whilst still looking like super mum and the cakes looked good enough to eat.