Cadburys Easter Treats

Some deliveries are just too good to share and this scrummy little parcel from Cadburys was one I hoped to keep to myself unfortunately that was not to be and soon I was left with just one egg as the family helped themselves.

Hubby took the Dairy Milk mini eggs and didnt even give me one so I assume they were tasty, Elizabeth loved the look of the Girl EggHead and Alison enjoyed the Freddo faces egg.

Atleast they left me with a Freddo Faces egg too. I have always enjoyed Freddo bars so this egg was perfect for me even though Hubby thought it was too childish. I really enjoy Cadburys Easter eggs and although the girls like the idea of the character eggs I find the chocolate to be cheap and awful and it gets left in teh box to melt whilst they play with their latest licenses bit of tat that came in the box. Cadburys eggs dont do that, you get chocolate, chocolate and more lovely chocolate. I particularly enjoyed eating all of the Freddo Faces, especially after I put them in the freezer. Mmm frozen chocolate.