Brio Rescue Emergency Set 33817

When looking at some of the best toys available for kids it is easy to overlook some of the classics that are available. To me, not everything needs to have flashing lights, annoying noises and lots of batteries. In fact, some of the toys that my kids love the most are the ones that help to stimulate the imagination and allow more open-ended play. With this in mind, I was happy to receive the Brio Rescue Emergency set. Although it is a bit young for my girls we had never had any Brio before so I wanted to see what it was like. What I didn’t realise is that even wooden toys like Brio now have batteries in them and one of the vehicles comes equipped with lights and sounds.


The Brio Rescue emergency Set includes track that has a layout of 83 x 70 cm as well as 1 x Station, 1 x Fire Engine, 1 x Fire Wagon, 1 x Fire, 2 x Fire fighters, 2 x Trees, 1 x Level Crossing, 1 x Piece of Road, 2 x Rock Supports, 1 x Bridge, 1 x Lumber Train, 1 x Lumber Load, 1 x Lumber Wagon, 1 x Lumber Holder, 12 x Pieces of Track, 1 x Ramp. All of these pieces help to create a great playset that helps to stimulate imaginative play.


The Brio Rescue Emergency set includes a few moving parts that help to add to the playability of the set. The Station has a moving door and gates and there is also a crossing to keep everyone safe. The three vehicles have a variety of features such as the hose and ladder on the fire engine, the removable lumbar from the lumbar truck and the lift up top on the fire wagon.


With all of this equipment, it is just a matter of time before the fire fighters have the fire under control and head back to the station with a well earned cup of tea.


Brio is available in a wide variety of playsets and the Brio Rescue Emergency set is a great start or even an addition to your collection and it has everything you need to start your Brio adventures.