Breville Blend-Active for the whole family

Recently I became worried that the Alison was not eating enough. She has been going through a growth spurt and as she has shot up she has become even skinnier than she was before. Now this meant I had to find a way to ensure she was getting all the good things that she needed and as she is not a big eater it meant that I had to think outside the box. Now luckily for me Friso got in touch as they wanted me to find and review an item which would help improve the girls nutrition. Armed with an Amazon voucher I set out looking for something that might help solve my problem.

Eventually I found the Breville Blend-Active family pack. Now Alison is a lover of milkshakes and smoothies and by making her own and adding in extra fruit and vegetables I am hoping she will drink even more of them. In fact as we each have our own bottle even Elizabeth got involved.

The Breville Blend-Active is really easy to use and both girls really enjoyed making their own smoothies, choosing the fruit they like to go in theirs. I think it will take a little bit of trial and error to find their favourite combinations as it seems that blueberries and raspberries are not their favourite once in a smoothie but the strawberry banana milkshakes certainly went down a treat.
The great thing about this is being able to make a separate smoothie for each person which means you can really tailor make them to the individual. I could also imagine this could be useful when weaning to help blend up food to a lovely smooth consistency and would be much better for baby nutrition than the jars you can get.

We will definitely be using the Breville Blend-Active frequently and I am going to look into some recipes to see if I can start using it as part of my healthy lifestyle too.