Bizzy Bitz – a fabulously imaginative construction material

When I first heard about Bizzy Bitz I was a little bit sceptical. So many construction materials promise to be open ended and allow the child to use their creativity and imagination yet they come in sets with instructions to build a specific model. The pieces are coloured to that model, shaped to that model and pretty much look silly in any other form.

Bizzy Bitz comes in lots of different sized sets and the pieces are in a variety of different colours from the primary colours to gold and black. There are even a few faces thrown in for good measure. Unlike products such a stickle bricks the Bizzy Bitz pieces are in a huge variety of shapes with stretchy bendy tubes, spikey circles, triangles, squares and rectangles, some have holes in, some are solid and some are wheels. In fact its because of the variety of colours and shapes that makes this construction material so good and perfect for open ended imaginative building.
Left to their own devices the girls built a man, a car, a castle and even a pair of glasses. Ok so they might have got the ideas from the box but the imaginative play that went along with it was all them.
As the models get more complex you start to realise that the way the pieces attach to each other enables the models to have moving parts which is a huge plus for getting the imaginations going. Bizzy Bitz are perfect for learning through play and for allowing imaginations to really play a part in construction. It is a product that allows Elizabeth and Alison to play together which is difficult thing to achieve now they have such different tastes in toys.

I can see Bizzy Bitz appearing in lots of nurseries, preschools and homes across the country and I just wish we had a bigger box to allow us to be even more imaginative in our building.

We received a box of Bizzy Bitz to play with but opinions are my own.