BillyOh 20 Shed by Garden Buildings Direct

For a long time I have been wanting to have some garden storage to be able to store out bbq,garden furniture and bikes when not in use but the garden never seemed big enough as we had a trampoline and swing set. At the end of the summer last year we got rid of the trampoline after the nets got ripped and we realised that the girls hardly ever used it. This meant that all of a sudden we had a lot more space and after dismantling the swing set which both girls had outgrown we finally had the space to put up a shed.

The lovely people at Garden Buildings Direct sent me the BillyOh 20 Windowed 8 x 10 shed and I called in some favours to get help putting it up. Delivery was really quick and all the pieces were easy to identify and the instructions were easy to follow. We managed to put up most of the shed with just two of us however we did need a third body to help hold the structure when we got to having three sides up.

Putting the shed up was really simple and everything fitted together really well but unfortunately it started to rain before we got the doors on so we quickly tacked the roof felt on to protect the structure and gave up.
The next weekend we got started and attached the doors, put all the cloaking strips on and added the finishing touches including a heavy duty lock I picked up from the local hardware shop. The shed is the perfect size for a whole family worth of bikes, scooters, gas bbq, garden furniture and there is still space for even more.

Having the shed has made our house feel so much bigger as we have stored the bikes in our downstairs bathroom and living room so being able to lock them in the shed has really helped clear space and it makes me wonder why I didnt do this before.

We’re all accumulating more and more these days and, with sheds being reasonably priced, it makes sense to have one as a great place for storage – provided you can spare the space,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of Property Solvers.

We still have a long way to go to get our garden up to scratch as we want to plant flowers in the flower bed down the side of the shed and we also need to reseed our grass but for now everything is too wet and its like a marsh out there which isnt helping but I am looking forward to the summer and spending many hours working in the garden, I might even set up a desk in the shed!