Bic Kids – Pens designed for little hands

Since Elizabeth had her chemotherapy treatment we have noticed that she gets aches and pains in her hand whilst writing and it was suggested to us that she uses a special pen for doing her handwriting work at school. The school provided her with one and we saw an improvement but that was just in her school work, her homework is dreadful as she just uses normal pens at home.

Bic Kids kindly sent us a pen and pencil from the Bic Kids learner range that is shaped for comfort and positioning and it has really made a difference to her ability to write for longer periods of time and has made it easier to read.

We were sent the Learner Ball Pen Twist System and the Learner Mechanical pencil and she loved them both, although I struggled to get the lead in the pencil at first.
Holding these Bic Kids pens has really helped Elizabeth to write neater and she enjoys having a special pen to use. I would definitely recommend them although now she knows they also come in pink she is not so happy, I think I am going to have to buy those for her and give the blue ones to Alison.