Barbie Spy Squad on DVD available now

Last week we received our review copy of Barbie Spy Squad and the girls couldn’t wait to watch it. We had already received and reviewed the Barbie Spy Squad doll that goes with the film so we couldn’t wait to see the film. In Barbie Spy Squad, Barbie and her two best friends Teresa and Renee  have to learn how to be top secret spies after they were spotted by a Spy agency. Barbie and her friends are brilliant gymnasts and their gymnastis skills help them to perform the different moves needed to help them catch the gem-stealing cat burglar.

With secret spy gadgets, fabulous disguises and super cute robo-pets, the girls prove teamwork helps get the job done.

We love the Barbie movies and Barbie Spy Squad does not disappoint. Elizabeth absolutely loved the robo-pets and enjoyed the fact that Barbie and her friends didnt need super powers to save the day.

I would definitely recommend Barbie Spy Squad on dvd if you have a Barbie fan in the house.