Barbie in Princess Power – Superhero doll and DVD

Barbie in the Princess Power sees Super Sparkle come to the rescue and fights of evil with the help of some other sparkling super heroes. Barbie as Kara is a normal princess who is kissed by a magical butterfly and gain super powers. As she learns to use her power to fight evil she forgets what is important but with the help of Dark Sparkle she soon realises that working as a team gets better results.

As well as the Barbie in the Princess Power dvd we were also sent Barbie Super Sparkle 2 in 1 doll. With a touch of the button on Barbies chest she is transformed from glamorous princess into super hero with a fabulous skirt that turns into a cape.

When the Barbie Super Sparkle doll arrived the cape/skirt was not connected but it clips on easily and is ready to play in moments. The doll is robust and when you press the button not only does her cape open but her arms reach up so she is in Superhero pose. It comes with a crown/mask which is not on the photos as Elizabeth had misplaced it already which is just typical for these small items but it doesn’t affect the playability of the doll.

We really enjoyed the film and the doll and the girls have asked to watch the film every day since it arrived.