Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2

Elizabeth (3) is relatively new to the whole Barbie thing but she is slowly becoming a little girl, liking pink, playing with dolls and wanting to watch things like this. We managed to catch a Barbie film on the tv not so long ago and she has asked for it again and again since then but unfortunately I did not have the hindsight to record it.

When offered the chance to receive a review copy of the new Barbie film I pretty much jumped out of my chair, finally Elizabeth will stop moaning.

Our dvd arrived on Friday and as I write this late on Saturday night I can tell you the whole story as I have now watched this film 4 times. Elizabeth is obviously very thorough in her reviewing and felt the need to rewatch it to ensure a fair review which I think is rather mature for such a young lady and obviously not demanding or bossy at all.

From what I understand in each of the Barbie films the characters are not actually called Barbie but instead Barbie is used as almost a descriptive term that means beautiful, kind, intelligent and most importantly of all a princess. There is always a message in the film and in this one she learns to stay true to yourself which is actually a great message to be giving our young ladies.

So although I was the type of child who cut of all the hair, pulled the heads off and buried them in the garden, I can see Barbie becoming part of my life once again as my daughter becomes more interested in them.

Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 is available now on DVD

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