Baker Ross Craft Ambassador – Mothers Day and Easter Craft Ideas

I am pleased to announce that I have been selected to be part of the Baker Ross blogger programme. I am not particularly crafty so Baker Ross products suit us perfectly as they allow us to make great crafts without to much thought. Each of the Baker Ross craft kits include everything you need to make the craft shown and if you are feeling more creative then you can use the other items to get creative.
We had a play date last month so it was a perfect opportunity to get the crafts out and they went down really well. I love seeing what children can create out of their imaginations and these smiley face glasses were a huge hit.

Easter Crafts

Baker Ross have some amazing seasonal craft kits and we really could not wait to get started on these Easter crafts.
The sets had everything we needed in individual bags for each craft. With a little bit of advice and help tying knots the girls were able to create the crafts all by themselves.


What I love most about these crafts is that the finished product looks fantastic and because the children can make them mostly by themselves they are very proud of their creations.

Mothers Day crafts

I love hand made gifts for Mothers day and Baker Ross has the answer. This fantastic Mothers Day keyring set allows the children to create beautiful key rings with ease and get the satisfaction of having made something themselves.
We have loved our very first Baker Ross Blogger box and I am very proud to have this key ring on my keys.