Back to School with Start-Rite shoes

We all know that kids seem to destroy their school shoes really quickly and if you have a clumsy child like I do then it seems to happen even quicker. In the last school year Alison has gone through three pairs of cheap school shoes so this time round I decided that it was time to focus on quality rather than price. Luckily for me Start-Rite shoes got in contact and offered us a pair of shoes to review.

Alison doesn’t like girly shoes so we opted for one of the styles recommended for boys.  The style she chose was the brand new Extreme PRI in black leather that have a retail price of £52.99.

This style looks great and is practical too. The Velcro fastenings mean I won’t be constantly telling her to do her shoe laces up and the design looks a bit like a pair of trainers which keeps the kids happy and yet still fit in with School uniform policies.

The stitching and materials are all really high quality and the added rubber on the ends of the Velcro straps should keep them looking great and not fraying which is a real bonus. The sole is nice and thick which is great for active kids and the extra rubber protection on the front of the shoes covering the toes should prevent scuffing which always makes shoes look awful within just a few weeks.

Start-Rite shoes come in a variety of widths which means you should be able to find the perfect fit  for your child’s feet and you can even get them in half sizes for those times when they are in between shoe sizes.

Getting good quality school shoes that will last the year is a struggle but looking at the quality and care that has gone into creating these Start-Rite shoes then they are definitely the best contenders I have seen in a while.