Baby Zilli – Toddler drinks

When my kids were babies the choices of baby food was very limited, none of these lovely sounding meals that you can get now. It was rubbery bland jars of unedible splodge.

My girls never really enjoyed eating from jars so we didnt do it very often. I also never blended things. You see my girls were weaned as Baby led weaning came into “fashion” and I have to say it was a lot easier just to relax and let them have a go than to try to force feed them disgusting gelatinised mess.

Anyway I digress, I heard of this company called Baby Zilli and had a look at their website, I have to say my mouth was watering at the descriptions of the meals that they make for babies. Can you start making ready meals for parents too?

Baby Zilli have offered a selection of 4 baby food pouches for my tombola.

They also offered a selection of 4 toddler drinks.
Obviously I don’t have babies so I didnt want to receive any baby food (although I might have eaten it myself) so they sent me a set of 4 toddler drinks to test instead.

When it says toddler do you think they meant mummy and 3 yr old? By the time poor Alison got home 3 hours after the package arrived there was not a drop of drink left.

Elizabeth tested the Summer fruits one and refused to share but she said it was very yummy and strawberryish (I know thats not a word but she is 3 after all)

Together we tested the other three, she still really enjoyed these ones but was happy to leave me a bit because they were not strawberry even though they were still yummy.

The juices were more like water than juice and felt very refreshing to drink, I can actually imagine on a really hot sunny day that these would be perfect for relieving dehydration in adults and children alike.

I could go on to list the fact they don’t have this, that or the other in them but really this is for our toddlers and so it is expected. However I would like to point out that they are made with Organic fruit juice.

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